Food & Drink

Taj Fort Aguada

Eat right at Taj resorts in North Goa

Reading Time: 2 minutes Both properties had to adhere to guidelines laid out by FSSAI, based on food safety measures, provision of healthy and environmentally sustainable food and building awareness about correct food choices

Chandon limited edition gift box

Chandon India lends a helping hand to revive Warli art

Reading Time: 2 minutes As industrialisation continues unabated and traditional practices are lost in the rush to modernise, it is vital to provide support to the communities that have kept alive these illustrious bits of our heritage


Rapper Ludacris whips up Indian food on TV

Reading Time: 2 minutes Chef Irani does a masterful job of guiding the star through the intricate processes that go into rustling up Indian food, from layering spices to making a ‘curry’

Gulfood 2021

Gulfood 2021 shows the way for the F&B industry

Reading Time: 3 minutes This international platform brings together thousands of industry professionals from across the world to explore possibilities in the sector.

Colocal in Chhatarpur, Delhi

Innovative restaurateurs who took on the pandemic

Reading Time: 5 minutes Some restaurateurs saw hope and with the vision that once lockdowns lifted, patrons would be raring to go out for a meal, they created spaces to cater to that demand

Indian winter delicacies

Bid adieu to the cold with winter delicacies

Reading Time: 5 minutes Who better than experts at the top of their game to share insights into what they love to gorge on through winter, the memories attached to some of their favourite cold-weather delicacies and new, unique dishes they would want to put on menus