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mango-special recipes

8 mango-special recipes to sweeten your summer

Put the ‘king of fruits’ on the menu for a sweet summer. Here are 8 mango-special recipes from some of India’s best restaurants and chefs, to make and enjoy in the safety of home.

mango cocktails

8 mango cocktails to celebrate summer

Mango, in nearly every form, shape and variety is a great addition to many a drink. Here are recipes to 8 mango cocktails you can make at home and celebrate summer safely.

5 Indian summer drinks to stay healthy

To stay hydrated and healthy through the scorching summer months, try your hand at making these refreshing drinks at home.

IPL-special offers

5 IPL-special offers in Mumbai

With the Twenty20 season on in full swing, restaurants and pubs across Mumbai have themed menus and a host of offers on delivery services.

summer cocktails

6 summer cocktails to beat the heat

Even as the mercury rises across the country, keep your cool by trying your hand at these refreshing and easy-to-make cocktails.

organic food brands

10 organic food brands to embrace this Earth Day

With a rise in awareness about sustainability, organic food brands are growing in popularity across the country. Consumers are choosing products that are healthier and better for the planet too.

coffee machine

10 best coffee machines for home

There’s a whole host of equipment available in the market today, and you should choose one based on your coffee needs – quantity, beans, grind size or how much control you would like over the brewing process.