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Bookmark these cafes for your next visit to Mussoorie

Mussoorie, the Queen of Hills, not only has great views but also some lovely cafes to satisfy your taste buds while on holiday Come summer and most of us make a beeline…

Kadaknath chicken

Kadaknath chicken: A breed apart

Kadaknath chicken is an indigenous breed that has caught the attention of the culinary world owing to its unique flavour and numerous health benefits. It might just be the next big thing in protein.

Hilsa recipes by chef Sujoy Gupta

Hilsa recipes for Jamai Shoshti

The signature fish of the Jamai Shoshti festival, the Hilsa, is one of eastern India’s most prized delicacies. Chef Sujoy Gupta of Taj Bengal, Kolkata, shares two recipes to enjoy at home.

Jamai shoshti feast

Jamai Shoshti: A feast like no other

It might seem like a festival curated for those who like to eat. But, in essence, it’s a way of two families coming together, with food playing the proverbial matchmaker.

Feel Good with ITC Hotels’ new healthy menu

The new ‘Feel Good’menu available for home delivery in eight cities focuses on healthy grains, seasonal ingredients and slow cooking ITC Hotels has a strong responsible luxury philosophy and the latest offering…


Nutridock packs a punch with its healthy meals

The new cloud kitchen brand has just started serving up healthy, vegetarian meals in Mumbai. First impressions of the tasting menu are promising.