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cocktail recipes

3 cocktail recipes to celebrate literary greats

New Delhi-based Sidecar, India’s only bar in Asia’s 50 Best Bars’ list has a menu inspired by authors and their favourite drinks In their book, A Sidecar Named Desire, authors Greg Clarke…

Sidecar India's best bar in Asia's Top 50 Bars

Sidecar: Asia’s 16th best bar is right here in Delhi

New Delhi-based Sidecar is the only bar in the country to make it to Asia’s 50 Best Bars’ list Walk down South Delhi’s swanky Greater Kailash II N-block market with its rows…

mango cocktails

8 mango cocktails to celebrate summer

Mango, in nearly every form, shape and variety is a great addition to many a drink. Here are recipes to 8 mango cocktails you can make at home and celebrate summer safely.

Barsys coaster with negroni

Cocktails at your convenience

A robotic bartender and a smart coaster are unique products from Barsys that can help you create the perfect cocktail right at home.

pink gin

Have you tried pink gin yet?

The debate around purity notwithstanding, pink gin’s sweet flavour holds broader appeal and it’s evident from the number of new and young drinkers flocking to it. That it looks good in photos doesn’t hurt either.

Ga-Ga Grapefruit

Burst that bubble

Every so often come along innovations that make our lives easier. Then there are those which are purely for fun. Much like the Flavour Blaster.