bridge, boys, river, cycles, eco tourism, sustainability seeks to bridge gaps in sustainable travel

The aggregator reveals its plans to take accommodation partners and travellers on a shared sustainability journey., the global digital marketplace for travel, is betting big on sustainability. It is helping listed…

Tree, nature, environment

10 must-visit eco-resorts across India

High on ecological values and low on carbon footprints, these lovely lodges promise you a memorable experience and a clear conscience. As a conscious traveller, who takes into account the ecological impact…

RAAS Chhatrasagar, dam, birding, Nimaj, Rajasthan, India, travel, resort

Dam, that’s a fine location for a nature-friendly resort!

Eco-conscious and design-rich, RAAS Chhatrasagar is built on the edge of an embankment in Nimaj, Rajasthan. When local chieftain Thakur Chhatra Singh built a dam across a tributary to the river Luni…

Oyo Hotels loan

Oyo Hotels seeks USD 600 million loan

The hospitality unicorn is looking to get a five-year tenure loan from Foreign Institutional Investors, which will help shore up its faltering balance sheet. The second wave of the pandemic has severely…

10 Floating Hotels

10 floating hotels for an epic on-sea/river/lake experience

They are cool, they are eco-friendly and they are rare. From India to the Arctic Circle, the floating hotels that push the envelope. Since the recent revelation of details about the under-construction…

Signum Eco Dera Resort Jaipur

Eco ‘duning’ on the edge of Jaipur

Signum Eco Dera Resort & Spa blends the best of Rajasthan’s royal heritage with the great outdoors, amid the destination’s sweeping sand dunes. Easily the most popular hotel category over the better…

Postcard Hotel Goa

How Postcard Hotels stayed ahead of the curve to score high even amidst a raging pandemic

The need for privacy, secluded destinations and demand for unique experiences are trends set to shape post-pandemic travel in the months to come. Luxury boutique hospitality brand Postcard Hotels, however, has been ahead of the curve with their well-considered properties that prize authenticity, memorable locations and a love for deliciously languid vacations.