mango-special recipes

8 mango-special recipes to sweeten your summer

Put the ‘king of fruits’ on the menu for a sweet summer. Here are 8 mango-special recipes from some of India’s best restaurants and chefs, to make and enjoy in the safety of home.

mango cocktails

8 mango cocktails to celebrate summer

Mango, in nearly every form, shape and variety is a great addition to many a drink. Here are recipes to 8 mango cocktails you can make at home and celebrate summer safely.

summer cocktails

6 summer cocktails to beat the heat

Even as the mercury rises across the country, keep your cool by trying your hand at these refreshing and easy-to-make cocktails.

Sidecar umami cocktails

Broaden your flavour horizons with umami cocktails

Savoury and earthy characteristics are not often expected in a drink, but they are a welcome change from the sweet flavours that so often dominate the cocktail lexicon.